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Does your yard need some new shade trees, ornamental trees, or shrubs? View info and images for all of the tree and plant types we carry.

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Come and see our extensive tree nursery. 6 acres of all of your favorite native species.


Richard - Austin, Tx

"I am very impressed with the service from D&B. I had a tree that for some reason did not make it. They were very accommodating in replacing it and they did an excellent job. Thanks very much Victor and D&B."

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If you purchased a tree from D & B Tree Company within the last year and it is struggling to survive, you may be able to get a replacement tree with our Tree Warranty Program.

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We have large beautiful red buds available. Get your spring bloomers now!

Our Products & Services

What could our landscaping services do? Add 7-14% to your home’s property value. Cut back on your monthly utility bill. Create a personal outdoor sanctuary worthy of a magazine cover. But most importantly, make your family happier to be at home.

Customized Landscaping and Architectural Services

Texas is a tough place to achieve a healthy landscape. Luckily, that's our specialty. Drawing from a vast array of techniques, and our 15+ years of experience landscaping in Central Texas, we’ll ensure your home’s outdoors flourish in even the harshest environmental conditions. Consultations are always free. Learn More

Landscape Design Plans

Start with the right blueprints, and your landscape will keep you grinning every time you step outside. Our landscape design plans are always tailored to fit your lifestyle, budget, and unique environment. We can complete a brand new landscape design plan, or finish one you’ve already started. For landscape design plans, contact our Landscape Designer, Clay Britt. 512-769-4932.

Water Conserving Landscapes (Xeriscaping)

Cutting back on the water bill doesn’t mean cutting back on style. Water-conserving landscapes are beautiful and low-maintenance—and, over time, will pay for themselves by using up to two-thirds less water than regular lawn landscapes. We use a practice known as xeriscaping, which relies on drought tolerant plants and landscaping practices that optimize water efficiency. Less evaporation means less stress over the summer utility bill.

Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

Ever felt a lawn between your toes that’s so lush, your stress just melts away? Our state-of-the-art sprinkler and irrigation systems will keep your yard healthy all year long, by giving it precise and total coverage. It also ensures your yard stays spot-free, unlike other methods of watering which take more time, more fuss, and waste up to 50% more water. Learn more about our irrigation systems. *D & B Tree Company is a certified Texas Licensed Irrigator: #LI0021172

Mulch Installation

​When that hot Texas sun gets ugly, our mulch ensures your trees and plants don’t. For such an inexpensive addition, our mulch serves so many crucial purposes. It retains moisture, controls weeds and pests, prevents erosion, keeps the soil fertile—and, of course, looks handsome in its variety of lasting colors and shades. Ask us about how much mulch to use, and what type. We’d love to help you very mulch.

Landscaping Soil Mix Used on all Tree Installations

​To have healthy plants, you have to start at the roots. Your trees and plants will thrive with our landscaping soil mix. It’s proven to work so well - we haven’t changed the composition since D&B began.

Stone and Masonry

​Craftsmanship as solid as the stone we set. From edging beds to retaining walls, poured concrete to stone patios, and more. Our light stone and masonry can add those final touches of artful warmth to your landscaping that really transform your yard into a home - outside the home.


High quality carpentry never goes out of style. Our carpentry craftsmanship is precise, skillful and timely. With our years of carpentry experience, working with us never feels like your project is going against the grain.

Low Voltage Lighting

Even Hollywood directors know—the right lighting is the secret to showcasing beauty. Our low voltage lighting won’t just make your landscape look magical at night—it’ll illuminate walkways and steps for safety’s sake.

Sod and Turf Installation

For a lavish landscape, our meticulously grown grass sod is available for installation. Weeds taken over your yard? Time for a clean-up and make-over! We select the best sod variety for you - taking your yard from gruesome to gorgeous. Learn More

Retaining Walls

​Give your landscape structure like no other. Retaining walls will provide stability and create beautiful outdoor spaces. Using prefabricated paving stones or natural native Texas stones—our expertise in the design and build of retaining walls will reshape your home’s outdoors in a wide variety of charming styles.

Tree Removal and Transplanting

Time to get rid of that ugly oak with your ex’s initials carved on it? Or maybe you just need room for the new deck, but you can’t bear to part with the tree Dad proposed to Mom under. We have years of experience removing or transplanting even the largest of trees.

Texas Tree Planting Guide

Always up-front pricing. We don’t believe in hidden charges.
There’s really nothing worse than expecting one price and then suddenly being slapped with an outrageous delivery fee or installation charge. It’s upsetting. We never do that at D&B Tree Company - on any of our products or services.

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