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Does your yard need some new shade trees, ornamental trees, or shrubs? View info and images for all of the tree and plant types we carry.

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Come and see our extensive tree nursery. 6 acres of all of your favorite native species.


Richard - Austin, Tx

"I am very impressed with the service from D&B. I had a tree that for some reason did not make it. They were very accommodating in replacing it and they did an excellent job. Thanks very much Victor and D&B."

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If you purchased a tree from D & B Tree Company within the last year and it is struggling to survive, you may be able to get a replacement tree with our Tree Warranty Program.

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We have large beautiful red buds available. Get your spring bloomers now!

Irrigation and Sprinkler System Installation

At D&B Tree Company, we install and service irrigation and sprinkler systems for both commercial and residential clients.

Installation done right with our Texas Licensed Irrigator (#LI0021172)

Some jobs you can do yourself with a how-to guide and some elbow grease. Others are best left to professionals. Sprinkler system installation is one of those things. An inefficient sprinkler system could cause your water bill to increase from 20 - 50 percent. An improperly installed system could cost you hundreds a year.

We can:

  • Modify or add to your existing sprinkler system
  • Install a brand new system

Our systems can water above ground. Or below it, with drip-irrigation.

An underground drip irrigation system will:

  • Keep your water bill low by cutting back on evaporation
  • Lessen the amount of fertilizer you’ll need
  • Reduce weeds
  • Eliminate certain diseases that plants tend to get when they are kept wet
  • Give your dog less to bark at if he doesn't like noisy sprinklers

Drip Irrigation

Watering is hassle free with our top irrigation brands

Our sprinkler and irrigation systems are proven and reliable. We use Hunter and Rainbird irrigation systems—both brands that receive rave customer reviews. And with our automated controllers you can just relax and forget about them while they conveniently water at the right time, every time.

Temporary Irrigation for New Grass

So, why drag the hose around when there’s a shade-covered hammock calling your name? Call Us for a quote on a sprinkler or irrigation system!

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